Meet Cincinnati's Premier Dog Trainer, Debbe Weissbuch
of Happy Tails Training

Debbe Weissbuch, Cincinnati's Premier Dog Trainer, is a highly-respected professional with over 30 years of experience, She is recommended by local veterinarians. Her lifelong love for dogs shines through in her proven, positive training techniques, designed to help both you and your dog succeed. Whether you need puppy training, potty training, basic obedience, or help with behavioral issues, Debbe's expertise will transform your relationship with your dog.

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Debbe uses humane, positive, and scientifically-backed methods, adapting her approach to best suit each dog's personality and needs. With Happy Tails Training, you and your dog can live a happier life together with the best Cincinnati dog trainer.

Need expert help despite a busy schedule with kids, work, and life goals?
Let Debbe guide you towards achieving your dog training dreams!

Puppy Training

End frustrating biting, crying, and potty accidents with Cincinnati's premier dog trainer. Debbe will teach you essential puppy manners so you can enjoy all the fun parts of raising your new companion.

Company Manners

Transform your dog into a well-behaved host when guests arrive. Our house training manners courses eliminate chaotic greetings and let you relax and enjoy your company.

Basic Manners Dog Training

Polite sits, reliable recalls, calm leash walking, and more! Basic manners create a well-behaved dog at home and out in the world with training from Cincinnati's top trainer.

Potty Training Programs

Say goodbye to messes and frustration! Learn effective potty training techniques and create a harmonious, accident-free home with our tailored programs.

Leash Reactivity Issues

Turn walks from a tug-of-war into a pleasant bonding experience. Discover methods with Debbe to address leash reactivity and make walks enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

Shy & Fearful Dogs

Help our shy or fearful dog gain confidence and overcome behaviors like hiding, cowering, and defensive barking. Work with Cincinnati's best dog trainer.

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