Behavior consultations

Behavior consultations consist of 1 session, 90 minutes

What is the first step when I sign my dog up for Happy Tails training?

A behavior consultation is the first step when beginning a training program. It allows us to assess your dog’s individual personality as well as the relationship between the dog and the owner. We use this information to put together a customized training program for your dog.

At this session, we will complete a behavioral profile, observe your dog’s behavior and temperament, discuss origins of problem behaviors if there are any, discuss management and behavior modification, outline exercises that can help change your dog’s behavior immediately, and answer any questions you may have.

Puppy Prep Consultation or/New Rescue Dog Consultation

Puppy prep consultations consist of 1 session, 60-90 minutes

Are you prepared for your NEW Puppy’s Arrival? Are you ready to help your NEW RESCUE DOG succeed in your home?
Debbe will go over the following during an one hour session at your home or Happy Tails office.

This consultation includes:

* Puppy Proofing your home
* Crate/confinement placement
* Supply Checklist
* Discuss socialization strategies