My girlfriend and I bought the sweetest boxer puppy (Scout), or so we thought. As she started getting older she started barking at us, biting us and humping us.

It was getting so bad that we were considering getting rid of her. I made the call to Happy Tails and liked what I heard. We sent her to the board and train, while we went on vacation and I remember thinking that there is no way this is going to work. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our barking, biting, humping boxer is now the sweetest dog in the world. Scout doesn’t bark, bite or hump us anymore. In addition she now comes when called, sits and lays down on command. Debbe is an amazing trainer, we can’t thank her enough.


We cannot possibly say enough about Debbe! We got our first white Boxer (Arya) and we were CLUELESS! She had so much energy and we were so frustrated with attempting to train her. Then came Debbe to the rescue!

She quickly pointed out the 100 things were were doing incorrectly and showed us the right way to do things
Debbe is wonderful! She knows all about dog food, treats, products, vets, etc! I have to say she was a great therapist for us during the sleep deprived nights of potty training! When we got our second Brindle Boxer (Mr. Eko), we were ahead of the game! The training with him was so easy because we knew the right way to do things. The combination of puppy class and in home training is amazing. It really gives you the opportunity to cover specific items that affect your pet in your own environment. I can honestly say, we now have the best dogs and I do attribute it to the amazing job Debbe did with both of them! Thank you!!!!!!!

Eko & Arya

Steve and I would like to thank you for training Cooper on the remote collar. He is so much more well behaved and we are all on the same wave link and he knows better what we expect of him. We feel more secure and confident that he will mind us.

It is so nice to go on walks in the woods and to the lake to swim and not have to worry about a leash. He comes as soon as we call him and loves his new freedom. He also walks much better on his leash.

At home he knows to go to his “place” which is his bed when we are eating and when we are ready to quit petting him. Before the training he was very, and I mean very, demanding of our attention! He couldn’t get enough attention. Now we just tell him to lay down when we are through petting him and he does so peacefully.

He has always been a great dog and quite fun, but now he has better manners which makes it easier on all of us. Without having to have his leash on all the time our adventures, such as hiking and swimming in creeks and lakes are much more enjoyable.

Debbe, thank you again. Cooper seemed to enjoy being with you and you were professional and caring. I am sure Steve and I were more of a challenge to you than Cooper!

Steve and Gail Wood


Years ago Debbe trained our dog Tucker and we were amazed at the results, so when we got a new puppy we immediately reached out to her again and knew that she was the perfect person to train our new dog, Cooper. We couldn’t be more pleased with the training Debbe provided for Cooper. Cooper was very high energy, not a good listener, nipped at our clothes and hands, and jumped on anyone that was in the house. We took advantage of the board and train service for 10 days. She sent us regular updates so we knew When Cooper returned home it was as if it was a different dog. We were able to easily take him for walks without being pulled along the way. He is no longer jumping or nipping at us, and he listens to the commands he was taught. He eagerly goes to his place and waits for a command to get up, so we no longer have to put him away while cooking, or trying to get things done. Debbe did in 10 days what we couldn’t do in 7 months. She continues to be available for questions we may have to support us in having two well behaved dogs. We cannot recommend Debbe and Happy Tails enough and eagerly tell everyone that will listen that she is an amazing dog trainer. Having Debbe train our dogs was the best thing we could have done for them.

Rob and Dara Wood.


Rocket, our Black Lab, is a graduate of Happy Tail’s In-Home Puppy Training. Rocket was a rambunctious 35 pound 4 month old “wild child” when we started training. We were at our wits’ end. Rocket was our first dog and we didn’t have a clue about training. Debbe’s efficient 4 week training program helped us become good dog owners. She was very patient with us and the dog while training. The notes and homework assignments helped us learn how to work with Rocket. Debbe’s support did not end when formal training was completed, she has been willing to answer our questions over the years.

Rocket is still rambunctious, but he is now a well-trained 95 pound Lab. The Happy Tail’s in-home training program gave us the confidence to recently add another Lab to our household (also trained by Debbe). We strongly recommend the Happy Tail’s In-Home Puppy Training to anyone with a new puppy. A well-trained happy dog is worth the time and effort.


Debbe is incredible!!! We were able to work with her through our mother in law buying us her services as a wedding gift! Our puppy Rookie not only loves when Debbe comes over ( we call her the treat lady ) but he has totally picked up on every lesson she has brought to our home. She is so successful because she has a “why” packed into every lesson and it truly makes us as the owners understand how our words and actions translate to our pup. We are so thankful for our lessons with Debbe and the fact that they were in home was an added bonus! 10/10 recommend! Rookie was 9 weeks when we started. I recommend starting early if possible!

Morgan Orlando McVey

I just wanted to thank you for the professional advice you gave me about dealing with Thatcher’s growing aggression toward Reagan. You gave me many good points to follow, all of which have helped! The one that seems to have helped a lot is not allowing Thatcher to sleep on the bed anymore. He has accepted sleeping on his bed, separated from Reagan. Reagan can now get on the bed without fearing an attack, and there seems to be much more peace in the house. You know I resisted not allowing Thatcher on the bed, mainly because I liked having him snuggle, but his behavior toward Reagan is much more important! Thank you!

Brett Cain

Debbie is awesome! We adopted two rescue dogs that had never been trained nor socialized. Both are doing so much better. Debbie provided lots of guidance, tips and training and was very professional. She also explained the “why” behind her techniques which was appreciated. She has a great personality which makes working with her a lot of fun.

David Miers

Debbe is great! My dog lives in our house now instead of us living in her house!

Adrienne Spiller

Debbe is extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Melanie Mckeehan

Debbie was wonderful with our new puppy and training us how to train. I couldn’t believe what she could do in such a short amount of time. Instead of the crazy puppy we started with, we have a sweet, well trained dog and Debbie made all the difference. Couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone with a new puppy or dog in need of training!

Shannon Bobbert

I’ve been a client of Happy Tails for over 10 years. When I was 26 I got my first German Shepherd. I was honestly so nervous – my first puppy, on my own, I didn’t want to mess it up! I connected with Debbe and here I am 10 years & 3 Shepherds later. All three have been to Happy Tails puppy class. I highly recommend her. She is the most honest, straightforward, kind person. A true passion for working with dogs and helping their owners. I really don’t know how I would’ve raised all three to be such good dogs without her guidance along the way.

Amanda Swayne

Happy Tails is an outstanding in-home dog training service. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of time spent with our puppy along with Debbie’s incredible depth of knowledge. Highly recommended!

Amar Bhati

We found Debbe’s training approach of combining one-on-one in-home sessions with group “puppy class” to be very helpful. Debbe provided insights and tips as well as structured training methods that have enabled us to really enjoy our pup, who is on his way to being a great family companion. Her approach is grounded in affirmation and positive reinforcement which we also appreciated.

Julie Elkus

I LOVED working with Debbe and so did my two Boston Terriers! I found Debbe to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my puppy and my older dog. Debbe was available to answer any question at any time. We found the puppy classes to be really good for both my puppy and myself. I highly recommend Happy Tails!

Tanya Schroeder

Debbe does a great job training not just the dog but the owner! She thoroughly explains dog behavior and the “why” behind the technique. We have a very active puppy and he has come a long way since we started working with Debbe. I’d highly recommend her.


Trainer is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Shelly Cain